SONM is delighted to have Chris Lim, the Director of Marketing Operations in Asia Pacific at SONM, to be the guest of the AMA held on Sept.16th at 16:00 p.m. (UTC+8). She has answered all the questions from the host and some representative ones from the group members. If you…

With the application of 5G, we have entered the era of Internet of Everything in an all-round way,which also be referred to as the era of Massive Data Storage. Since the data is growing rapidly every day, there is no denying that the storage, safe and efficient application of data…

Following our IPFS+NFT upgrade plan, SONM (SNM) transfers to BEP-20 + ERC-20 hybrid token metrics. As is known to all, Binance Smart Chain is economic in on-chain transaction cost, ecologically prosperous, and equipped with rich BNB synergies, etc. SONM’s new computing power products can gain a greater advantage with these features of BSC.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce SONM (SNM) BEP-20 is already live on PancakeSwap, where you are enabled to trade SNM/BNB smoothly.

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