SONM will join Up Binance Affiliate Program — — Rewards, Liquidity and Commercialization

3 min readAug 6, 2021


Do you believe you can make the world a better place with SONM, blockchain and crypto currency ? Join SONM & Binance Affiliate Program, and your efforts will be rewarded. SONM’s allying with Binance Affiliate Program is bound to bring more forms of rewards, liquidity and chances of commercialization.

Sign Up For the Program and Share

How to join:

Click the referral link below, sign up and share.

Users will gain:

The program bring a richer ecology to SONM:

Users will get service provided by a extra special account manager team supported by Binance.

What‘s more, the rewards and incentives will be in various new ways such as
newest currency products, futures vouchers, etc. to further add excitement in SONM groups.

The grogram can also give priority to SONM for accessing and testing new functions so that our technology team can be largely involved with news or trends in the industry.

Join up with Binance Affiliate Program is just a start. SONM plans to cooperate with more exchanges for bring benefits for the users. User matters, sharing matters.

About the Binance Affiliate Program

Binance loaded the Affiliate program, which is a continuous promotion activity, participants in the program can get benefits or rewards by clicking and registering Binance by specific referral link. For SONM, Sharing shows caring. Binance Affiliate Program aim for a win-win goal for both users and developers. SONM as a fog computing blockchain platform who has its own rewards mechanism will join up the program to live up community and incubate wider using situation for the upcoming SONM FogX and New Ray Render. As the program core theme goes, sharing means caring. SONM is to be in line with that with optimizing Rewards Claiming System.

What Does SONM Qualified for the Program

The program is targeted at Financial leaders or opinion leaders of communities with more than 500 members in one or more community groups (Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK) or business organization which has more than 2,000 user-base Market and Data Analysis platform with more than 5,000 visits per day. Industry media platform Encryption fund Aggregate trading platform can also apply for it.

SONM has one of the most promising fog computing platform where the transaction processing speed is ever increasing, it can process nearly hundreds of orders per second. Fog computing and distributed capital also enable SONM with huge potential market in both blockchain and traditional businesses. All the above are linked together by SONM’s sidechain structure and the underlying rewards mechanism. Using $SNM for rewards on SONM’s platform and sidechain functioning has been proved to be helpful for lifting user profile and community activeness. The join-up with Binance Affiliate Program is of the same principle for motivating all of SONM’s products and plans, only to be more powerful, more lucrative and more creative.

The program is raised and supported by Binance. Crisis control and information transparency are guaranteed. With strong back-up by the Binance Affiliate Program, SONM get to show its advantage in commercialization and big data application. With computing capacity of SONM fog technology team continuously growing, users will be more motivated to exchange and share.

Click link and take part in the program. Open up your adventure of sharing!