SONM’s Metaverse Shaping in Web 3.0 Era: Being More Than a Computing Platform.

4 min readAug 2, 2021


Nowadays, some post-epidemic society ethos have crafted out a clearer picture of a parallel crypto world — — the metaverse. The underlying catalysts including popularity of distributed commerce, the cultivation of “online” lifestyle, people’s rising demand for virtual goods and services, the mitigation of COVID-19, and most fundamentally, the underlying technology basis of Blockchain. SONM’s development and expanding will be a great step for upgrading distributed assets and big data-fog computing, which helps building an essential technical support for the new metaverse in Web 3.0 Era.

SONM’s Logic of Distributed Capital

SONM now is concentrating on the FogX development. As SONM’s key direction and main increasing point, Fog computing itself has high requirements on the interactive ability and networking ability of the computers (smart homes, cars, factories, street lights) that make up the nodes. Temporarily, Fog computing only sees some basic progresses. The premise is the development of 5G and the Internet of Things. Only in this way can there be a low delay, high efficiency and stable interaction. As for blockchain, it can act as an incentive layer in distributed computing. “Distributed capital + Fog computing” is a relatively new notion, SONM will worker harder to open up more possibilities.

From a larger perspective, in the combination of “blockchain + big data”, the role that blockchain is about to play are:

· Anti-tampering: It is achieved through consensus. Now, the nodes of the alliance chain of traceability and certificate deposit realized by consensus include not only the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, but also banks, the node operators themselves (technical service companies), the government, third-party neutral institutions, etc., so as to better maintain the credibility of the alliance chain. Because if it’s just upstream and downstream, they have common interests and are able to tamper with the books.
· Privacy protection and data security: Data can be shared but not disclosed. It is one of the biggest advantage of decentralized technology.
· Incentive mechanism: SONM provides an incentive mechanism for distributed storage and distributed computing, thus strengthening the ecology.
· Smart contract: The process of assetization will be a step closer to the integration of business, and what we intend to do next is establishing the crypto-economy.

SONM in the Web 3.0 Era

What Needs to be Done to Build Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Web 3.0, an open and permissionless system, allows service producers and consumers to trade directly, and in turn, it can break platform monopolies and build a global digital economy. Great examples include accurate user profiles of all Internet users by analyzing big data and the use of algorithms to recommend customized content to users. But to fully tap into the huge potential brought by Web 3.0, the industry needs to tackle these problems:
Data storage and transmission, which is a critical premise for Web 3.0 and an underlying framework that many blockchain projects are targeting.
Feasibility of distributed applications with access to secure digital identities.
Presenting browsers and websites that emphasize data value at their core and are more relevant to popular perception.

SONM Rising up to the Challenge

Centralized data service storage is facing huge problems, which brings distributed storage technology to the front. As the foundation of the underlying technical architecture of Web 3.0, distributed storage can store data in chunks in multiple different distributed nodes around the world, which can enhance data stability, security, and availability.

SONM’s IPFS will achieve:
· High security: All IPFS data is self-authenticated, which means that the user can determine for himself that the data he receives is trustworthy, eliminating the drawbacks of relying on third parties to provide trust, thus ensuring internet security.
· Efficient data access: SONM’s IPFS is a peer-to-peer network that anyone can participate in, and because anyone can distribute data, there is no need to ask the central server for data, only to get data from other people near the geographical location, greatly improving the efficiency of information acquisition.
· Decentralized network: SONM’s IPFS is a distributed network and because the network does not depend on a single server, the network works whether the computers are online or offline. In IPFS, files can be shared peer-to-peer and are always accessible even in highly demanding situations.
· Free information flow: IPFS is based on content addressing, which means that what the user is looking for is not an address, but content stored somewhere, therefore, there is no need to verify the identity of the sender but the hash of the content, all of which ensures that the information can flow freely within the system.

A Promising Future with SONM

The blueprint and vision painted by Web 3.0 is unprecedented. Decentralized systems are more likely to open up new possibilities than complex, centralized systems because they can evolve faster. SONM will effectively solve the problem of decentralizing data storage, which lays a solid foundation for Web 3.0. Meanwhile, SONM will certainly use the popularization of Web 3.0 architecture to reconstruct our Internet world through distributed capital, FogX and IPFS development.

The large-scale application of any new technology will not be achieved overnight. It’s true that many innovative technologies, including IPFS, are more or less not yet fully mature, but we can still expect that when Web 3.0 comes along, all Internet users will no longer be constrained by limited resources, but rather, enjoy more equal access to all kinds of resources. We will then attach a whole new meaning to the term “Metaverse” and be more than a computing platform.

SONM is to tap more potential in distributed computing combining big data technology. Multi-layer application of distributed computing for blockchain ecology is shaping. We are aiming for a grand SONM worldview encircling all kinds of functions no matter in forms of crypto assets or traditional fields, commercial needs or civil services.

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