SONM in Binance Referral Program: Enrich Values, Opportunities and Practicality

3 min readJun 10, 2022


As an industry-leading fog computing service provider, SONM is actively positioning itself as a reliable infrastructure for web 3.0 builders. In addition to providing pragmatic solutions for computations, machine learning, and rendering, SONM continuously seeks valuable opportunities to benefit its community and global supporters. SONM has allied with Binance Affiliate Program, and also taken active part in Binance Lite Referral. For this time, SONM is excited to be a driving force in Binance referral program, every SONM community member is welcomed to register via SONM’s referral link, to enjoy a more efficient way of trading on a trustworthy platform.

SONM Referral Link:

How to join Binance Referral Program?

  • Click the link
  • Follow the steps to register
  • Verify your identity

What will you get?

Signing up on Binance means you subscribe to a high-quality crypto service, and SONM’s ecology will be largely enriched and extended to a wider range of users. Meanwhile, $SNM holders are entitled to Binance and SONM’s future reward activities and other exclusive offers. SONM, on the other hand, will bring its globally-distributed user base to Binance, stimulate more liquidity in the crypto market and expand the influence of both parties to a great degree.

SONM is a solid infrastructure layer for both SONM users and developers. With users’ participation increasing, SONM network will witness new values and benefits, and bring along new opportunities for the community. By joining up with Binance referral program, SONM shows its engagement and care to SONM family and its dedication to become a more powerful foundation for a wider range of users and DApp builders.

It’s also worth mentioning that SONM has also been a part of Binance’s lite referral program. Binance lite referral program is a huge reward program for SONM users who sign up on Binance by SONM referral link, they’ll be entitled up to 100 USDT cashback after they invite friends to sign up and deposit more than 50 USD on Binance!

Binance Lite Referral Program:

About SONM’s act with Binance

SONM is the first world leading supercomputer launched in 2018. With a globally distributed terminal network of 6k+ GPUs and 8k+ servers, SONM has accelerated idle computing power to be utilized across the global market. SONM has now developed from a pioneer Crypto-IaaS product into a full-featured computing platform that strives to ease the complexity in provisioning bare instances for GPU-related computations. As of today, SONM has successfully acquired a total of more than 400 thousand users and 141 institutional clients, including corporations and government institutions from all around the world.

SONM has maintained a solid partnership with Binance and endeavored to promote the interactions between each other’s communities, while Binance offers $SNM holders a more secure and efficient option to deposit or trade their assets. In the future, SONM will keep improving its functions, providing new solutions with its advanced fog technology, engaging in community support and shaping itself into a more dependable Web3.0 infrastructure.

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