SNM BEP-20 is Live on PancakeSwap!

Following our IPFS+NFT upgrade plan, SONM (SNM) transfers to BEP-20 + ERC-20 hybrid token metrics. As is known to all, Binance Smart Chain is economic in on-chain transaction cost, ecologically prosperous, and equipped with rich BNB synergies, etc. SONM’s new computing power products can gain a greater advantage with these features of BSC.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce SONM (SNM) BEP-20 is already live on PancakeSwap, where you are enabled to trade SNM/BNB smoothly.

SNM BEP20 token address: 0x46d0dac0926fa16707042cadc23f1eb4141fe86b

SNM ERC20-BEP20 token swap guide:

SNM ERC20-BEP20 token swap address:

To provide liquidity:

To trade SNM/BNB:

Global Fog Computing Platform

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Global Fog Computing Platform

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