Monthly report: October 2018

October went by lightning fast for us at Sonm, and as we were preparing this report, we were wondering once again just how many things happened. So, what are the main highlights you should know, if you didn’t follow our daily news updates in October? A LOT of platform improvements, the launch of full support for forward deals, 1 new client case revealed — post-production studio Shotty used Sonm for rendering tasks — 8 (!) speeches, and 1 new exchange — CoinOne: the way to the hearts of Korean investors. Let’s dig deeper! This will be a bit of a long read, so make yourself a cup of tea.

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Business & Marketing

It’s been quite a month! We’ve got four events to prepare for this month, with eight speaking opportunities in total. Let’s see how it went, folks.

Fog World, San Francisco

This event was organised by Open Fog Consortium. For those of you who joined us recently, here is some quick info on it from Wikipedia: “Open Fog Consortium is a consortium of high-tech industry companies and academic institutions across the world aiming to standardize and promote fog computing in various capacities and fields. The consortium was founded by Cisco Systems, Intel, Microsoft, Princeton University, Dell, and ARM Holdings in 2015 and now has 57 members across North America, Asia, and Europe, including Forbes 500 companies and noteworthy academic institutions.”

Sonm has been a member of this organisation since the beginning of 2018 and actively participates in its events, sharing the goal of promoting fog technology all over the world, as well as helping to define the industry standards for it.

So, at the October event, Sonm presented an exclusive keynote speech entitled “Public fog computing use case: on demand video rendering on mining rigs”.

Interested attendees could visit our booth later in the hall and meet our team there. Sonm CTO Igor Lebedev and System Architect Eugene Manaev were eager to explain Sonm’s views on fog computing technology and share the main principles of the technical approach.

We also were Gold sponsors of the event, which not only gave us additional exposure in general but was also a valuable contribution to our brand image in the professional sphere.

Cloud Expo, Singapore

Two booths in different exhibition zones and five speaking slots — the conference in Singapore was all business for Sonm. Compared to Fog World, where industry professionals met and discussed the future of the industry, Cloud Expo focused on what the industry is NOW. So, the workshops and speeches were practical, crisp, and easy to digest for all those eager to follow the new trends.

So, this how our tight schedule looked, and our team of three managed to make it all happen perfectly.

Youcon, Saratov

YouCon is an annual conference in Saratov for IT professionals, and it’s one of the biggest events of its kind in Russia. This year, CTO Igor Lebedev, who visited Saratov to meet conference attendees and local Sonm community members on-site, presented Sonm, spreading the word about fog computing.

Open Innovations, Skolkovo

This annual conference took place at the Skolkovo Innovation Center, gathering the most forward-thinking attendees and featuring some world-renowned speakers on stage.

A quote from the event’s website: “The annual Open Innovations forum has been held in Moscow since 2012 under the aegis of the Government of the Russian Federation and is rightfully considered a unique discussion platform for participants in the formation of an innovative ecosystem.”

Sonm was invited to join by the events committee earlier this fall, and in October, CTO Igor Lebedev, along with a number of decision-makers in the field, from established, successful businesses, federal banks, and telecom operators to high-level government execs, took part in the panel discussion “Blockchain: Technology vs Implementation,”.

Some of the other participants:

For the full list, visit the event’s page.

Full video:

Social media


As usual, we used our Q&A session hosted by Andy Saks to discuss the questions you’re interested in. Here is the link, if you missed it this month:

New case: Shotty

One more client case was revealed: Post-production studio Shotty is an established company on the market for rendering and special-effects computing for the global film industry. The processes of rendering and producing special effects require significant GPU computing power. With the help of the Sonm computing power marketplace, Shotty has acquired the resources needed for video rendering, allowing for a significant reduction in its production costs.

How Shotty Cuts Production Costs Through SONM GPU Resources

One more case revealed! With the help of the #SONM computing power marketplace, the post-production company Shotty has acquired the resources needed for video rendering, allowing a significant reduction in production costs. Read more by the link:

— SONM (@sonmdevelopment) October 25, 2018

Featured articles:


This is an article from industry professional Vyacheslav Akhmetov, who wrote a handy guide for experienced Sonm users entitled “How to run custom applications on Sonm.”

The manual was later published on Hackernoon, and tech-savvy users are now well aware of the project. If you have some free time, please read the article and leave a comment:

It’s just great to see Sonm early adopters sharing experience! Check a new guide on how to run custom application on Sonm from Vyacheslav Akhmetov @Hackernoon. The author, and we too for sure, will appreciate your support!

— SONM (@sonmdevelopment) October 18, 2018

We were also featured in a well-known Russian media outlet dedicated to innovation and startups — We started to discuss the material earlier this summer, explaining project features and clarifying questions about technology, and voila — in October, the article was published, and we could finally share it with you. Note: It’s written in Russian, but it’s quite understandable with Google Translate.

Sonm Blog:

“Building a strong community is a challenge few startups succeed at. Good news breeds questions, bad news breeds misunderstandings, and no news breeds anxiety. At Sonm, we’ve gone through both successes and hardships — but the most important thing is that we’ve never stopped being transparent.” This is how the new article about Sonm community support starts. Read more about the behind-the-scenes life of the Sonm customer support team as told by Dmitry Manin, Head of Customer Service at Sonm.

The Everyday Business of Supporting SONM Clients

CoinOne Listing

At nearly the end of the month, a new exchange added Sonm to its list. This time, it was CoinOne, one of the most important exchanges in South Korea. This listing gives Korean investors access to SNM and is an important milestone for us, as we’re exploring this market. So, the Sonm token is now tradable on the following major exchanges: Binance, HitBTC, CoinOne, Yobit, and more. For the full list and comprehensive instructions on how to top up your wallet with SNM, check out our website:

And a little sneak peak of our plans in November: join us at the Q&A, at the CryptoEvent conference in Moscow, and at Data Science Forum in Kiev, Ukraine. There is more to come, and the Sonm team is relentlessly moving forward one step at a time!

Thank you again for being with us! Stay tuned!

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