Monthly report: December 2018

Product development



  • Implemented an alpha version of the new Marketplace. The new version of the marketplace is now deployed on a test bench and is in the testing stages. This release is not compatible with the old version and contains many new features:
  • the modernization of the Marketplace by the principles of CRUD — this is a required step to separate data storage and logic in smart contracts to make migration possible
  • the implementation of the Marketplace migration mechanism (necessary when new versions are released, and old ones are replaced)
  • the implementation of the Rating & SLA system
  • support for a new type of benchmark, Bit benchmarks (for example, to determine support for a particular instruction in CPU or GPU)
  • geolocation support for Suppliers/Workers in orders on the Marketplace (currently implemented only for Workers)
  • Implemented a prototype solution for video-rendering services using Sonm resources. The prototype was successfully tested in December on a real task. The working prototype of the solution involves the use of the following components for video rendering: rendering managers Afanasy and Deadline and render engines Blender and Redshift. Now, on the basis of this prototype, a SaaS service is being developed for users.
  • Implemented Blockchain Explorer, and when alpha testing comes to an end in the very near future, a beta version will be released. Keep following this story, as more information will be published soon. After the stabilization of Blockchain Explorer, Market Explorer will be released on its base.
  • Implemented the beta version of Sonm OS for installation on computers running Windows. This version makes use of VirtualBox Virtual Machine, and the whole machinery is installed automatically by the installer. This way a virtualization technique IS used, but the user is not required to know or understand how it works. More information will be available soon.
  • Continued the alpha testing and revision of the Sonm OS version with the installation option based on the Debian installer and the “live USB” boot mode with the Windows-based software installer to prepare the Sonm OS USB drive. One of the new features that the installer will include is an automatic withdrawal function, which will allow equipment suppliers to specify an Ethereum address for automatic withdrawal, similar to the way it works in the mining pool.
  • Adjusted the requirements for the referral system to reward network users, which contribute to the growth of the platform. The referral system will be implemented based on the new version of the Marketplace after its deployment on the Livenet Sonm.



  • Added TTL for servers in Rendezvous.
  • Optimus algorithm improvements: reduced default branch-bound model thresholds, switched to the default optimization method while calculating the current worker’s price.
  • Added a smart contract migration feature (in preparation for the introduction of the new Marketplace).
  • Implemented small improvements in system stability.
  • Fixed platform component bugs.

Implementations in progress:

  • Work is in progress on the first SaaS-service based on Sonm — video rendering. This service, among other things, offers payment in fiat currency.
  • There are ongoing testing and refinement of the new version of the Marketplace on the test stand.
  • Work is in progress in implementing a prototype of the SaaS service Machine learning, based on Sonm resources (using a TensorFlow framework and Jupyter notebook). Service will begin immediately after the implementation of the SaaS service for video rendering.
  • There is continued alpha testing and revision of the Sonm OS version with the installation option based on the Debian Installer and with the “live USB” boot mode with the Windows-based software installer to prepare the Sonm OS USB drive.
  • Work on the implementation of Sonm token purchases with bank cards and wire transfers has been suspended because of our decision to open a bank account, which took a very long time. Despite the difficulties, we have found a solution, and we look forward to the completion of all formal procedures to open a bank account in January 2019 and return to the implementation of this function in February 2019.
  • The Market Explorer has been designed and is in the final stages of implementation. The Explorer uses the API of the new version of Sonm Market. After the beta testing of Blockchain Explorer has been completed and the Livenet Sonm switches to the new version of the marketplace, the new Market Explorer version will be released for testing.

Research in progress:

  • Research is underway on a web-based control panel for purchasing and managing services. A concept solution architecture and UI has already been developed.
  • Research is underway on various options for implementing Gate Masternodes and Sidechain PoS to determine the best solution. We are investigating Plasma options and other possible solutions.

Business & Marketing Achievements

Industry cooperation // Binance

Partnerships and new initiatives

Sonm partners with Teleport, a blockchain-driven CDN project

Sonm partners with POSTKINO FX to run fog-rendering in post-production

Website development





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