Leading Fog Computing Firm SONM (SNM) Hopping into the Metaverse, Here Begins the Carnival of SNM on Binance!

3 min readNov 9, 2021


We are thrilled to announce the launching of SONM (SNM) Trading Competition with the support of Binance! SONM, the global leading Fog Computing platform, is profoundly effective in endowing users with efficient access to data processing and computing capabilities on the premise of high security.

SONM (SNM) & Binance Trading Competition Guide:

Promotion period:

2021–11–10 00:00 AM to 2021–11–16 11:59 PM (UTC)

Reward A: New SNM Traders to Split $20,000 in USDT Token Vouchers

All new traders* with a total trading volume (including both buys and sells) of at least 1,500 SNM across the eligible SNM trading pair will equally split an exclusive prize pool of $20,000 in USDT token vouchers.
*New Trader: New users who register for a Binance account and all existing users who complete their first SNM trade during the promotion period

Reward B: Trade SNM to Bring Home the Rewards Eqv. to iPhone 13 Pro!

All users who trade 60,000 SNM or more (including both buys and sells) across the eligible SNM trading pair during the promotion period will qualify for a challenge, where 20 winners will be selected based on the challenge rules to each win $1,000 in USDT token vouchers, equivalent to the value of the latest 128GB iPhone 13 Pro!

Reward C: Teamwork Is DreamWork — Share Up to $60,000 in Prize Pool

All users with a total trading volume (including buys and sells) of 20,000 SNM or more across the eligible SNM trading pair during the competition period will qualify for the prize pool distribution. The total prize pool will increase proportionally with the total trading volume of all qualified users. The maximum prize pool is $60,000 in USDT token vouchers.

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SONM — — Underlying Infrastructure for Metaverse

Following Facebook’s determination to bring the Metaverse to life, SONM, as the global leading Fog Computing firm, published the ambitious development strategy of hopping into the Metaverse.

It is noteworthy that realizing the Metaverse entails the back-end infrastructure and the construction of the future Metaverse must be accompanied by the huge volume of data processing needs, image rendering needs and a highly realistic user experience. These calculations can provide different functions in diverse scenarios, playing an indispensable role in the development of the Metaverse.

As the real infrastructure of Metaverse, SONM provides powerful data processing and computing power support for all superstructures on Metaverse, such as AI, communication network, NFT, 3D development engine, AR/VR/MR, content community and so forth. Apart from the underpinning of the display technology, SONM is expected to offer excellent performance stronger than cloud computing by reducing the bearing pressure and escort for the future development of Metaverse.

SONM (SNM)’s Carnival on Binance

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Binance for steadily supporting SONM (SNM). SONM Trading Competition is merely one of the campaigns to vitalize the SONM community. To reinforce people’s cognition of the SONM Metaverse, we will carry out a wide array of marketing activities.

Having Binance as SONM’s trusted platform and considering the facilitating effect of participating in the Binance Affiliate Program, we will stick to the synergetic relation with Binance as always to boost SONM’s vitality. Besides, SONM (SNM) has released tokens in the version of BEP 20 and will launch the version of Fog X based on BSC.

SONM, the fog computing platform par excellence, will pull out all the stops to build Super NFT+Metaverse. We are looking forward to your active engagement in this grand carnival!