A Milestone of SONM: Supercomputer Makes Rays a Rendering Pioneer

4 min readMar 21, 2022


SONM is a global leading decentralized Fog Computing Supercomputer for general purpose computing from site hosting to scientific calculations. Its mainnet has been live since 2018. SONM developed the worldwide pioneered Crypto-IaaS product, and served multiple enterprises over 40 countries. Furthermore, SONM network is upgraded from the Crypto-IaaS infrastructure into a full-featured Cloud platform for startups and individuals. The core idea is to build a set of tools on the top of SONM infrastructure as an abstract layer that hides the complexity involved in provisioning and managing bare instances for various GPU-related computations.

The SONM infrastructure includes thousands of devices around the world such as PCs, servers, data centers and mining equipment. It opens access to an unlimited number of CPUs and GPUs, which is perfect for CGI rendering. Using SONM you can render faster with hundreds of instances involved at low and competitive prices and ensure the security for your data (all data transfers are encrypted). The main proprietary application on SONM Fog Computing platform is the ‘one-click’ cloud service Rays Render (https://www.raysrender.com/). The whole development of Rays is based on SONM infrastructure, and the consumption of computing power is settled in SNM tokens.

Rays’ one step ahead of Blender in rendering

Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite which supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline — modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creating. Such comprehensive features make Blender enjoy great popularity in 3D industry but more could be done to provide a better service in terms of every of its features. Rendering service is where comes a breakthrough. Rays, Blender’s partner specialized in rendering, comes to offer a faster and more convenient rendering service, rescuing rendering users from extra preparations like downloading a software or configuring a hardware.

Partnership brings Rays a satisfactory engine and favorable users

Rays render, a product of SONM, announced a media partnership with the Italian Blender community in June, 2020. This cooperation offers Rays a powerful unbiased rendering engine that provides stunning ultra-realistic rendering — Cycles, Blender’s production-capable path-tracing render engine. Over the years, it has introduced support for a wide range of rendering possibilities, including AMD and NVIDIA. Similarly, it’s grown to include support for many features including hair, motion blur, smoke shaders and materials, adaptive subdivisions, and much more. Moreover, Blender’s a massive user base up to 12 million downloads per year also offers Rays an enormous source of potential customers.

SONM offers Rays a decided advantage and a promising future

Blender gives Rays a solid foundation, while SONM makes Rays rise to prominence. There is no need to configure a hardware before rending on Rays as all the required hardwares backed by SONM have been integrated into the platform. All you should do is to drag and drop your source file right in the browser and receive a satisfactory result after a cup of coffee. High efficiency is a decided advantage of Rays and marks a huge progress of rendering industry, which should be credited to SONM, a leading decentralized Fog Computing Supercomputer. Once you click Render, Rays’ smart orchestrator will process your render on an automatically scaled GPU set. In most cases your task will be allocated to dozens of GPUs at once, and with a massive source of 6000+ GPUs, Rays is capable of dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously.

Rays’ high efficiency can be proved by the first customer participating in its beta testing. A video called “Cosmos Laundromat” launched by Blender Foundation on YouTube is a typical testing sample for Blender’s rendering service. It is widely recognized that at least three hours are required for rendering every frame of that video and at least three weeks are needed for rendering the whole 60 clips even on Renderbus. Nevertheless, the customer involved in Rays’ beta testing responded that it only took one hour to render the same video by using the SONM-supported Rays render.

SONM is witnessing its progress in rendering

The powerful computing ability of SONM infrastructure makes itself a competitive platform among others. Coupled with the integration of renders from Blender and the preponderances of Rays, such as simpler operation process, faster rendering processes, time monitor and competitive prices, SONM would become more than adept at ploughing its own professional furrow.

SONM Website: https://www.sonm.com
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