1. Present Architecture:

Previous Products and SONM’s Following the Roadmap

Following series of updates this April, SONM has completed much of the roadmap has scheduled for 2021 S3. In the next season, SONM’s focus will stay on the development of FogX and SONM’s IPFS+NFT.

Following our IPFS+NFT upgrade plan, SONM (SNM) transfers to BEP-20 + ERC-20 hybrid token metrics. As is known to all, Binance Smart Chain is economic in on-chain transaction cost, ecologically prosperous, and equipped with rich BNB synergies, etc. SONM’s new computing power products can gain a greater advantage with these features of BSC.

Dear community:

(This is an announcement in Russian for the Russian-speaking community. Please find the English version here: https://sonm.com/blog/elevated-supplier-rewards-program/)

На данный момент мы привлекли достаточно карт 1080 Ti и временно приостановили прием новых поставщиков в программу. Как только нам понадобится больше 1080 Ti, привлечение новых поставщиков будет возобновлено. Об этом мы объявим дополнительным анонсом.

Поставщики, которые уже присоединились к программе, будут получать повышенную награду в течение как минимум 3 месяцев (начиная с 15 апреля), как мы и обещали.

ВАЖНО: Все поставщики, уже присоединившиеся к программе, должны установить последнюю версию Sonm OS (0.4.25).

1. Убедитесь, что в настоящее время открыты только спотовые сделки;

New Year has finally come both in Gregorian and Chinese calendars so this is a good moment to take a look back, to sum up the work done.

Now that 2019 has arrived with fireworks and great expectations and plans, let’s look back to December 2018, which was hardly any less intensive than previous months. We shifted development, business, and marketing into high gear, and we don’t plan on throttling down.

SONM Partners with POSTKINO FX to Run Fog Rendering in Post-Production

The era of fog computing usage for real-world tasks is coming. The time will come when fog takes over cloud, presenting a great range of benefits for companies worldwide. The Sonm fog computing marketplace has proven its efficiency in a short period of time by reaching more than 350,000 working hours for the deals running on its platform.

December is a great time to sum up the results of the fading year, to appraise the achievements made, to admire ascents once again, and to draw conclusions based on the events of 2018. This year was very fruitful for Sonm; no matter how bearish the market behaved, we successfully moved from an MVP release to a working product with the total deals run on suppliers’ machines culminating in more than hundreds of thousands, as well as promising partnerships and community initiatives.

Twelve Months of Development — from MVP Release to 124,349 Total Deals

So, let’s go back to December 25, 2017 when Sonm launched its Minimal Viable Product on Ethereum testnet…

SONM, a decentralized computing platform, and Teleport, a blockchain-driven CDN project, have announced a partnership to power the Teleport CDN with computing resources available on the SONM platform.

QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is an experimental transport layer network protocol initially designed, implemented, and deployed by Google in 2012.


Today’s web is built on the TCP protocol, which was chosen for its reliability and guaranteed packet delivery. To…


Global Fog Computing Platform

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